Charlotte Moores

BA Joint Honours Anthropology & International Development
Researcher: HealthTraditional Knowledge and Use Studies
Phone: (604) 563-2245
Location: Vancouver Office

Charlotte holds a Joint Honours Degree in Socio-Cultural Anthropology and International Development from McGill University, and works for the Firelight Group as a Research Coordinator for both the Traditional Knowledge and Use Studies and Health teams. Her BA work predominantly focused on the gendered impacts of development, methods of community based research and the incorporation of traditional and women’s knowledge into development initiatives. Charlotte has gained fieldwork experience working on community development projects in South Africa and Uganda.

The Firelight Group

Research, policy, planning, mapping, negotiation, advisory, and capacity building services for Indigenous and local communities.


VANCOUVER (604) 563-2245
VICTORIA (250) 590-9017
EDMONTON (780) 760-1255