Letitia Pokiak

MA Anthropology
Email: letitia.pokiak@firelight.ca
Phone: (250) 590-9017
Location: Victoria Office

Letitia Pokiak is an Inuvialuit beneficiary, from Tuktoyaktuk of the Inuvialuit
Settlement Region, in the Western Arctic, NWT. She recently completed the MA Anthropology program at the University of Victoria. Letitia’s research and thesis focused on ‘meaningful consultation’ with Indigenous groups, with a focus on the Inuvialuit land claim journey, including perspectives on the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline and the climate crisis. Prior to grad school, Letitia assisted in establishing the Giant Mine Oversight Board office and in the implementation of the Giant Mine Environmental Agreement; the Agreement guides the remediation of the Giant Mine and ensures that it is done in a good way for all signatories to the Agreement, particularly for the local Indigenous groups, the Yellowknives Dene and the Métis. Letitia has also worked on a number of archaeological expeditions in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region, including the 2010 Archaeological Survey in Aulavik National Park in which the HMS Investigator was rediscovered, receiving the Excellence Award from Parks Canada. She has also been involved in the excavation of an ancient Inuvialuit sodhouse with the Arctic CHAR project, allowing her to retrace her Inuvialuit heritage. She is passionate about empowering Indigenous Peoples in their self-determination and sovereignty efforts.
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