Sarah Jeffrey

Squamish Language Immersion Certificate
Research Intern
Phone: (604) 563-2245
Location: Vancouver Office

Sarah is of Squamish heritage on her father’s’ side and Gitxsan Chieftainship heritage on her mother’s’ side. Sarah is a Research Intern with Firelight, and works on the Traditional Knowledge and Use Studies team in Vancouver. She has graduated with SFU in the Squamish Language Immersion Certificate program, and is currently enrolled to receive a diploma in Squamish Language, and eventually a masters degree. She is involved in the language and cultural revitalization for the Squamish and Gitxsan nations.
Sarah has a background of training under her hereditary head chief of the Gitxsan nation, Miluulak, as a cultural assistant. Through her cultural training she learned Ecosystem management through cultural duties such as fisheries, forestry, and land based interests such as fishing, hunting and tourism guides. She has also learned management of the traditional land use and knowledge through government and industry interests over multiple hectors of traditional land. She is involved in cultural restoration and repatriation projects within the Miluulak house group, as a representative spokesperson on behalf of hereditary head chief Miluulak. She’s also studied traditional formline first nations art in a multitude of mediums from master carvers/artists.

The Firelight Group

Research, policy, planning, mapping, negotiation, advisory, and capacity building services for Indigenous and local communities.


VANCOUVER (604) 563-2245
VICTORIA (250) 590-9017
EDMONTON (780) 760-1255