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Born into my Grandmothers Hands: Honouring First Nations’ birth knowledge and practice (eBook 2019)

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Yukon First Nations have a long history of birthing on the land with Indigenous midwives who held the birth knowledge necessary to safely deliver the next generations. Born into my Grandmother’s hands: Honouring First Nations’ birth knowledge and practice in North Yukon is a collection of stories and
knowledge that set out to explore the history of childbearing in the Yukon.

The main areas of focus in this book are stories of childbirth on the land; the history of traditional Indigenous midwifery and birthing practices; changes in maternity care, including relocation for childbirth; traditional parenting practices; and community values in relation to pregnancy and childbirth process.

Rachel Olson PhD, Charlotte Moores, and Kathleen Cranfield, RM.