What We Do

We aim to help nations to negotiate strong, modern agreements with companies. We take direction from the Nation, often working alongside a strong community-based negotiator, and with community-based teams. Our work can be tailored to a variety of needs, from short training workshops to extensive community-based support in negotiations, to planning and support for the implementation of benefits. We also provide corporate and resource analysis as well as financial reviews.


Our multi-disciplenary team members have strong backgrounds in social sciences, resource management, economics, mining, and negotiations. We have experience working alongside Indigenous Nations on the negotiation and implementation of Impact Benefit Agreements in every region of Canada. Our work brings together research from many areas, including indigenous knowledge, ecology, and socio-economic analysis, to understand impacts and highlight opportunities and barriers.


Firelight provides mentorship and guidance through all stages of the process of negotiating agreements with companies. This includes helping nations to define and build the processes that they need to successfully implement an agreement after it has been negotiated. We also provide training sessions and workshops on negotiation and implementation of agreements with companies. Often we use the Impact and Benefit Agreement Community Toolkit as a resource.