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Knut Kitching, MA | FRGS

MA Geography, FRGS

Research Manager


Office Phone: (604) 563-2245

Cell Phone: (778) 228-8033

Location: Vancouver Office


Knut (he/him) brings a circumpolar perspective to the work of the Indigenous Knowledge Research (IKR) team. With an academic background in climate change adaptation and resilience, and environmental resource management, Knut has developed his fieldwork experience in a range of contexts across northern Canada. His MA at McGill focused on the impact of environmental and socio-economic change on Inuit caribou harvesting on southern Baffin Island, and he continues to bring his expertise in subsistence food systems to bear on a range of IKR and Regulatory Team projects at Firelight. With a background in circumpolar social science, Knut supports the IKR team conducting archival and field research and data collection and analysis. Knut also contributes to the Regulatory and Health teams, bringing northern experience to a range of projects linking climate change and ecological baselines to the health and wellbeing of Indigenous communities in Canada.