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Indigenous-owned, Indigenous-led

The Firelight Group is the largest Indigenous-owned consulting group working with Indigenous Nations across Turtle Island.

Our Story

Since 2010, The Firelight Group has been building relationships with Indigenous Nations across Turtle Island. From a small group of colleagues looking to work together, we have become a group of over 90 professionals working with over 200 Indigenous Nations. We provide high quality research and rely on the knowledge and expertise of Indigenous Nations. We integrate long-standing knowledge to place and space to translate that information in a way that external organizations, companies, and governments can understand.

The Firelight Group

Indigenous Mapping Collective

We are honoured to host the Indigenous Mapping Collective and its annual Indigenous Mapping Workshop which has trained more than 2500 Indigenous mappers since 2014. Mapping is critical to supporting Indigenous rights and interests, decolonizing place and space, and sharing Indigenous stories of the land.


  • Indigenous Peoples Day 2024

    Indigenous Peoples Day 2024

    June 21, 2024

    Happy Indigenous Peoples Day! Today and everyday, we honour the strength, culture and heritage of First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples. Building upon the map from last year, This Indigenous Peoples Day we're once again celebrating some of the many uplifting stories from Indigenous communities across the country. Below is a story-map that celebrates a few of the many successes and milestones from communities’ across Turtle Island. The map features stories from individuals, communities, and organizations from 2021 until now, and will continue to grow as a collection to celebrate in the spirit that #IndigenousPeoplesDayIsEveryday.

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