About Us

Firelight was founded in 2009 by its board of directors, with the aim of providing services specifically tailored to supporting the rights and interests of Indigenous and local communities in Canada and beyond. Now we have more than 30 employees, and offices in Vancouver, Victoria, and Edmonton. Click here to view our most recent brochure.


Our Mission

To work with our clients in Canada and beyond to provide high quality research, analysis and technical tools and to create solutions for our shared futures.

Founding Principles

Firelight was founded on a series of principles that underpin all of our work:


We are committed to high quality, objective, evidence-based, peer-reviewed research, and to providing deliverables that are timely, relevant, and effective.


We are committed to a collaborative and supportive approach to work and research, and to a democratically-based model of doing business and making decisions.


We are committed to working in a manner that is supported by the communities and clients we work with, to being respectful, and to producing work that is respected by all parties.

Social Return

We give back to the communities we work with by supporting initiatives that have been identified as culturally, politically or ecologically important. Learn more about Social Return.

The Firelight Group played a major part in the successful signing of Big Grassy First Nation’s Impact Benefit/Participation Agreement. Upon the successful signing of the agreement on January 9, 2015, the proponent, New Gold, as well as Big Grassy First Nation, was pleased with the culmination of this project. The Firelight Group, especially Dr. Gibson, enabled Big Grassy First Nation to move forward with the confidence that the best information and advice available had been brought to the table.

Lynne Gavin
Band Manager, Big Grassy First Nation
The Firelight Group

Research, policy, planning, mapping, negotiation, advisory, and capacity building services for Indigenous and local communities.


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