What We Do

Our work is applied in a range of contexts including environmental assessment and other regulatory processes, policy development, protection of species at risk, conservation management planning and the development of Indigenous community-led monitoring programs (e.g. Indigenous Guardian Programs). We work closely with managers and decision makers in the design and implementation of research methods that respect Indigenous knowledge systems within these contexts. Our team has successfully implemented interdisciplinary approaches that meet established standards for ecological field work.


We believe that Indigenous governments and organizations ought to have access and authority over the application of scientific methods used to monitor, manage and mitigate human impacts on the environment. We prioritize working with Indigenous Knowledge Holders, Leaders and program administrators to develop data collection techniques and produce valued information through technical analysis that is informed and guided by customary laws and protocols.


We provide training for Nations to conduct baseline inventories that reflect community values and priorities. We also support the development of community-led monitoring programs that use values, indicators and ecological thresholds that respect community protocols for looking after the lands and waters.