What We Do

We carry out our work by supporting the gathering, analysis and sharing of technical information, including community-held knowledge and wisdom regarding governance and human-land relationships. We facilitate collaborative projects made up of multi-disciplinary teams to support planning and implementation efforts that strategically position Nations as informed decision makers in the face of economic development pressures. We help Nations visualize, communicate and achieve their own preferred development outcomes.


Our team includes experienced professionals in land use and ecological planning, forest management and community engagement. Our work includes, but is not limited to the following areas:

  • Territorial stewardship planning;

  • Forest certification (i.e., FSC®);

  • Strategic planning;

  • UNDRIP and FPIC implementation;

  • Meeting and event facilitation;

  • Project management and coordination;

  • + more!

We are committed to upholding the legal orders and protocols of Indigenous Nations. We respect the codes of conduct of our professional associations and continue to advocate for full recognition of Indigenous rights, responsibilities and knowledge systems.


We provide training and on-going support in planning methods, proposal development, project management and coordination. We welcome mentorship opportunities and maintain an active internship program.