Janelle Kuntz

MA Anthropology
Senior Researcher
Email: janelle.kuntz@firelight.ca
Phone: (604) 563-2245
Location: Vancouver Office

Janelle is a Senior Researcher at Firelight. She works in the Traditional Knowledge and Use Study team and the Socio-Ec team conducting research and writing, field research, and providing support for the design and execution of research projects. Janelle has experience conducting a variety of community-based research projects with First Nations communities in Canada, such as land use projects and impact assessments related to mining, hydro, and oil and gas development. Janelle has also worked on social innovation strategies and community mapping initiatives on Vancouver Island. 

Janelle has a Masters degree in Anthropology from the University of Victoria. Her masters research focused on the meaningful engagement of Indigenous women’s knowledge in environmental assessments. Her research addressed the gender impacts from resource extraction, in addition to highlighting the resilience and agency of Indigenous women in environmental processes.

The Firelight Group

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