Dasiqox Tribal Park established by the Tsilhqot’in to protect their land and culture

On the heels of victory comes… more hard work!

In 2014, the Tsilhqot’in Nations won recognition of their Title to a significant portion of their territory, from the Supreme Court of Canada. Now-how to manage the vast fresh waters, landscapes, and wildlife habitat in their territory around the Title area? How to protect the land, and Tsilhqot’in culture, in a way that creates a viable and desirable future for local communities?  

It is a daunting yet creative task. The Tsilhqot’in people, as ever, are up to the challenge. By creating the Dasiqox Tribal Park, Tsilhqot’in Nations are setting the agenda, priorities, and terms for land use in their traditional territory. At Firelight we feel privileged to be working in support of their initiatives.

Tribal Parks are one of many ways Indigenous communities in Canada and around the world are stewarding and protecting their lands, waters, and cultures.

This is not just a Tsilhqot’in thing or a BC thing, and it’s not just for First Nations who have established Title. In fact, the strength and momentum behind Indigenous protected areas comes from the hard work, vision, and perseverance of many, many Indigenous communities. The key, as this article states, is that “First Nations call the shots when it comes to managing the land.”

Curious? Check out this article by Emma Gilchrist to read about the story behind Nexwagwez?an – the Dasiqox Tribal Park. You can also watch a short video here.

For more information on Nexwagwez?an – Dasiqox Tribal Park, please go to  http://www.dasiqox.org or contact Chief Russell Myers Ross (Yunesit’in First Nation) or Chief Roger William (Xeni Gwet’in First Nation) at the numbers available on the Dasiqox website. For more information on Firelight’s role contact Jonaki Bhattacharyya, Research Manager.