Fort Nelson First Nation releases Medzih (boreal caribou) Action Plan

Fort Nelson First Nation (FNFN) has released a Medzih (boreal caribou) Action Plan to address the emergency conditions that have led to the rapid decline of this culturally important animal in BC. The Medzih Action Plan (MAP) delivers recovery actions for boreal caribou habitat within the Liard watershed in northeastern British Columbia.

The MAP is the first, and so far only, recovery plan in BC to spatially identify and protect critical habitat for boreal caribou, a critically imperiled and iconic species that once occurred in large numbers in FNFN’s territory. In the coming months, FNFN looks forward to working with our partners in government, industry and elsewhere to refine and implement the strategies outlined in the plan.

For more information about the Medzih Action Plan, please contact Glenn Saganace, Executive Director of Administration, FNFN, or Susan Leech of the Firelight Group.


Phone: 1-250-774-7257

The Medzih Action Plan and Technical Backgrounder can be downloaded at