Maintaining Health & Safety While Working in Communities: COVID-19 Update

Maintaining Health & Safety In Communities – COVID-19 Update


As communities continue to plan phases of re-opening, Firelight has been fielding increasing requests to consider work in communities. We have been considering how to go about this while ensuring that our work doesn’t place communities at risk from COVID-19. Our stance is a graduated approach to travel. Each proposed field trip is discussed by our Health and Safety team before being cleared. The only field trips Firelight is considering are those requested by communities. Factors that we consider are:

  • Local community restrictions, with priority given to requests or directives issued by the local First Nations;

  • Number of contacts that will happen in the field trip;

  • The self-isolation and personal health record of any staff member proposed for a trip to the field; and

  • Whether the field trip is in the same health region.

To read more about our policies and procedures for travel in communities please click here.