The Firelight Group is pleased to welcome Catherine Edwards to the team!  Catherine will be joining the Vancouver office as a Research Intern in Traditional Use Studies.  Catherine is a Master of Forest Conservation candidate at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Forestry, and she holds an Honours BA from U of T with a major in Environmental Geography and minors in both Indigenous Studies and Forest Conservation Science.

Catherine has prior experience working with First Nations on community-based projects: she assisted Wolf Lake First Nation with their wolf population study and understory plant survey as an undergraduate research student.  She is very excited to follow her interest in Indigenous community-driven research initiatives with Firelight this summer.

Catherine also has a keen interest in languages and has been learning Anishinaabemowin for three years (cool!).  We look forward to working with Catherine and sharing with her our commitment to high quality community-based research.

“Waaciye, Catherine nintishinikaas. Toronto nitooncii. Nikakwe-nitah-anishinaabemowin.”

(“Hello, my name is Catherine.  I’m from Toronto.  I’m learning Anishinaabemowin.”)