We are so grateful for our staff and want to share more of their stories. We recently welcomed Gabe Mahamad to our team as an Environmental Monitoring Intern supporting the Impact & Benefit Agreement and Regulatory teams. We feel honoured to work with Gabe and are excited to be a part of his story. Here is his journey to Firelight in his own words: 

“My name is Gabe Mahamad and I’m an Environmental Monitoring Intern with The Firelight Group. I’m currently entering my 4th year of Civil Engineering at the University of Alberta. Here’s a little bit about myself and what I do at Firelight!

My goal as an aspiring engineer has always been to use my technical skills to improve the everyday lives of people from communities all around the world. I chose the civil discipline knowing I’d be able to realize my goal while working on infrastructure projects that will have an impact on many people. Indigenous communities in Canada have an important role when it comes to big projects and new endeavors in the energy and resource sectors. With this in mind, I realized working for an Indigenous consulting firm was the perfect fit for me to not only develop my skills in a professional setting, but also work towards my personal goal of helping others.


My co-op placement with Firelight is my second of three co-op placements before I finish my undergraduate degree. My first placement was with Thurber Engineering, where I got hands-on experience working on various construction projects while performing materials testing and assisting in project management. I wanted to build off of that experience and luckily, I’ve been able to as an Environmental Monitoring Intern with Firelight!

I work with the Impact & Benefit Agreement and Regulatory teams at Firelight. Over the past couple of months, the two main projects I’ve been focusing on have been about Water Resource Management and Environmental Remediation. These are two areas of Civil Engineering that interest me so I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given. I spend most of my time writing and reviewing technical documents and attending meetings with clients. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a variety of professionals, including elders from many Indigenous communities. Working with such a diverse group of people has put me in a great learning environment that will help me develop my skills as I progress in my career. I’m having a great experience working with Firelight, and I’m looking forward to what the future will bring!”